I got this product free for testing purposes from ChickAdvisor & Nude By Nature

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The brand just recently launched in Canada, and will be available in Shoppers drug mart stores!, I’m not sure of the exact price at this time I’ll have to look into it but on their website it retails for £22.00, so I’m assuming it’ll be around the same price in Canadian currency.

A little about the brand, Nude by Nature is a mineral makeup company, Completely cruelty free & PETA certified. Nude by Nature was created in 2008 in Sydney, Australia and all their products are made in Australia.

First of all, the scent of this primer is AMAZING, it has sort of a green tea scent and I absolutely love it. The texture is very smooth and silky, it’s silicon free and personally I prefer silicon based primers for that filling, smoothing effect it has on my pores, but I found this to be filling which surprised me, it gave a nice even base to apply my foundation which I liked, It’s not matte but it isn’t dewy either. It feels very hydrating and very moisturizing and I’m surprised that it seems to have the lasting power that it does given how hydrating it is. I didn’t find it tacky and it dried down pretty quickly but was easy to apply.

The full size product is 30ml, I received the mini version which is 15ml, and to me the packaging seems good size, with a decent amount of product. The other face primer I recently reviewed the Maybelline Instant age rewind primer is 25ml, so the full size would be 5ml more product and I’ve been using the Maybelline for over a year so it would last quiet awhile, and a little does seem to go a long way.

The packaging is probably the cutest I’ve seen to date, it’s sort of an off white with rose gold details and I think it’s just adorable!. It also seems well made, sturdy and packaged well. I also like how easy it is to read compared to some other packaging from other brands, all the ingredients are listed on the back and easy to read.



AIMEILI Soak Off UV LED Gel Nail Polish – Mental Mint – 033 – Review!

Mental Mint – 033

Retails for : $10 (CAD) – Available at Amazon

This is my favourite colour from the collection I ordered, It’s an absolutely beautiful mint colour. The colour on the website shows it as a more blue but in person it’s fairly minty. I think it’s just gorgeous and again the same formula, it’s awesome applies so easily, cures fast & coats beautifully.

It’s 10ML like the rest so again lots of product, I’d advise doing thin coats and building up with 2/3 layers so it cures properly, one super thick coat won’t cure underneath and can cause a burning/tinging sensation.

It’s wears good, but again I don’t properly prep my nails so mine come off easier but also don’t last near as long as they should.. You should get 12/14 day wear out of them. Shipping was fast and easy, and packaged well. Product packaging itself is super cute, I love the pink shade of the bottle I think it’s eye appealing and nice.

The price is also fantastic, it’s a great DIY gel manicure. Easy to use easy to apply and easy to remove.

Aimeili is a brand I trust and love, it’s well known and high quality and I would recommend to anyone.


Instant Age Rewind Primer Skin Transformer.

Retails for $10 (CAD) – Available at Maybelline

I actually really liked this primer, I found it very similar to the smash box photo finish primer with that silicon, pore filling feeling, it’s very thick however it didn’t pill when moved around too much like the smash box primer did for me.

Due to it having silicone in leaves a nice smooth base for building foundation, but it’s kinda awful to put into your pores so I liked to put my regular facial moisturizer on before hand, and it’s quiet slippery in texture so I like to let it set for a few minutes before applying foundation so it dries down and doesn’t move.

I feel like it’s definitely worth the price, but I love more silicone based primers since they fill pores better and I have some scarring on my face I feel it helps to even out better than moisturizing primers, however it might not be best for someone who is prone to acne because it blocks pores.

I picked it up randomly because I needed a primer fast and my go to drugstore primer (an elf one) wasn’t available, and I spotted this and the price was higher than the ELF one but I decided to bite the bullet and purchase it since I didn’t feel like trying to find another one. I’m actually super glad I did because I’ve been using it since and it’s always in my everyday makeup bag.

I really liked that it didn’t feel greasy or oily which some silicone based primers will feel like, it also gave me a nice matte look which I prefer. It is very smooth and a little goes along way!.

It is a great size (25ml), the packaging is pretty regular, the pink is cute though and it’s well made. It’s been in my makeup bag for months now and I’ve never had issues with it.

There is no scent.

I’d recommend it if you like the smash box photo finish primer, I think it’s a good dupe.

I would rate it a 5/5, I really honestly love primer and I’ve never had issues or anything with it, it acts how I like and does what I need it too.

Rating : 4.08/5 stars with 574 reviews at this time on Influenster




Retails for $6.99 (CAD)

I was selected to receive this for free for testing purposes from Chick Advisor & CDN Canada. #LoveCNDCreativePlay #GotItFree

TOP COAT –  I’ve used a lot of top coats and they either don’t work and still chip the same day, or they bubble, take forever to dry or it’s so thick it doesn’t spread properly! But this formula is absolutely perfect, no over powering scent and goes on insanely smoothly and dries quickly! Gave me salon quality nails at home with a regular old top coat.

BASE COAT – I’ve never been big on the whole ‘base coat’ because I thought of it as too time consuming but oh my goodness it makes my nails look so insanely gorgeous! It’s totally salon quality and a GREAT price! It dries surprisingly fast, and applies easily, I adore it. Will definitely continue using this base coat!.

NAIL LACQUER – in the shade ‘Crimson Like It Hot’  I am OBSESSED with this nail polish! I hadn’t tried the brand before,  but now I’m absolutely hooked, the colour Crimson like it’s hot is a gorgeous red crimson (obviously) and it doesn’t chip as fast as my other regular nail polishes, it lasts quiet awhile. it’s salon quality. It’s a medium consistency so it applies slick and easily and has good coverage but definitely needs two coats. It has the normal nail polish scent except it isn’t over powering at all, it’s very affordable and I’m loving it!.

I would definitely repurchase these products, They’re all a great price, great quality & the packaging is pretty cute.


e.l.f. – Makeup Mist & Set – Review

Makeup Mist & Set

Available at E.L.F. & Walmart – Retails for $4 (CAD)

I found the spray part was super powerful and sprayed way to much at once, but I do like the product.. I’m not a huge fan of setting my makeup with it, I found it left marks in my foundation with or without setting powder, but I like to spray my face before applying my normal primers and foundations. I really liked it for spraying my brushes when I’m using glittery/shimmery pigments, I found it really made glitter shadows pop (Like the colour pop palette I recently reviewed). It has a cooling effect with a slight cucumbery scent.

It helped when I extended my arm and sprayed as far away as possible it gave a nice dewy finish (I prefer matte but it isn’t bad for when I’m wanting a dewy finish). I’d advise wrapping your hair before hand, I didn’t like the texture of my hair when the spray got into it.

It was slightly tacky and took a bit longer to dry than I had expected when setting, but priming I really like it, it’s refreshing. The price is definitely great but the product isn’t Urban Decay setting spray quality. It didn’t make a difference in lasting power for my makeup, I’m sure there’s some better you’d get a longer last out of.

The packaging isn’t the cutest as far as setting sprays, but it’s sturdy and well made just a powerful spray. And it’s 60ML so there is a great amount of product.

However, I think it’s great for the price it’s fast, easy & cheaper to use and good to have on hand in my opinion.

I haven’t had any issues as far as sensitivity.

Rating: 3.99/5 stars with 10,619 reviews on Influenster at this time.

I would rate it a 3, it’s not what I want out of a setting spray but the spray is refreshing for before priming, and it’s good for spraying my eye brushes when using them to get a little more out of the pigments. I’d still recommend it because I’m sure everyone will have a different experience as far as what they’re looking for in a setting spray, and I don’t hate it I just personally didn’t like it for setting and the price is good. I’d repurchase it.


AIMEILI Soak Off UV LED Gel Nail Polish – Cashmere Kind of Gal – 040 – Review

Cashmere Kind of Gal – Gel Nail Polish

Retails for : $9.59 (CAD) – Available at Amazon


  • 21-day high-gloss wear , On like polish, Wears like Gel, Off in minutes
  • Mirror shine finish
  • No Nicks, Chips or Smudges
  • Requires drying under UV or LED Lamp


1: Before applying, please shake the bottle for at least 30 seconds so gel would mix well.
2: Please be sure to apply GEL NAIL POLISH in THIN layer. Apply more coats for deeper color.
3: Please do not apply any gel on the skin/cuticle, or put coats on too thick, or you might feel a burning while curing.
4: Please check the curing lamp regularly, avoiding using defective lamp.

So at first I didn’t really like the colour when looking at the strip test, however after applying to my nails it’s a light greyish lavender colour and I absolutely love it!. Coverage is good and even, not to thick not too thin. I did two thin coats and it looked great coverage wise. The wear was great however I don’t buff my nails so they peel up for me, but that’s how I prefer it.. It would wear around a week maybe 12 days with proper application and prep.

Received it fast and easy, it’s 10ML so it’s a good amount of product, packaging is cute and well made. I’d purchase again for sure!.

I highly recommend Aimelil products, I love them and the brand.


It is rated 4.5/5 stars with 17 reviews at this time on Amazon.

I would rate it a 5/5, I have no issues I think the formula is great it’s not super thick not super thin and easy to get a good even layer, packaging is cute, you get a good amount of product & I adore the colour.

Paired it with Aimeili 023 , Aimeili No wipe top coat & some rhinestones.

MAKE UP FOR EVER – The Artist Neutrals – Mini Lip Duo – Review

Available at Sephora

The Artist Neutrals – Mini Lip Duo

Retailed for – $15 (CAD)

This was I believe a holiday gift set, It doesn’t seem to be avalible anymore but they were mini’s from their ‘Artist Rouge Lipstick’ & ‘Artist Liquid Matte Lipstick’ lines.

Artist Rouge Lipstick –  C211 – Rose Wood

Sephora – Full size retails for $27 (CAD) – SIZE 0.12 oz/ 3.5 g

So first off it’s highly pigmented, super creamy and smooth. The colour is super gorgeous it’s a nude pink with purple undertones, If you like rose or mauve than this is the color for you.. I absolutely love the shade and it is cool toned. There was no bleeding of colour. It is a matte finish but it’s very velvety and hydrating feeling, not drying at all.

It is suppose to be universally flattering, ‘opaque color but boasts an ultra-creamy, non-drying formula that hydrates the lips for ultimate comfort.’ There is a slight scent, sort of maybe fruity  but it’s very very light. It does seem to be long wearing but comfortable.

I really like the pointed applicator, it’s great the packaging seems very sturdy and well made, even though it’s a mini there is still a good amount of product.

Formulated Without : 
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

Rated : 4.72/5 Stars with 354 reviews on Influenster at this time. 

Artist Liquid Matte Lipstick – 105 – Rosewood

Sephora – Full size retails for $25 (CAD) – SIZE 0.08 oz/ 2.5 mL

So it’s the same shade as the stick version, just liquefied. The shade again is absolutely gorgeous, pinky rose with purple mauve undertones. Cool toned, and the formula is highly pigmented, no streakiness or bleeding, It’s matte but a very velvety feel, hydrating non drying and it dries down very quickly.. There was little to no transfer & didn’t flake off, it does have long wear and is easy to apply.

Like it’s twin it’s also suppose to be universally flattering, slight fresh scent but hardly noticeable. Long wearing but comfortable. ”Its unique formula boasts beeswax for long-lasting wear and avocado oil for soft, nourished lips. It’s an ultra-matte, liquid lipstick with high color payoff and 20-hour, comfortable wear. Its precise applicator coats and defines every peak and valley of your lips to perfection.”

The packaging is cute, well made and sturdy and the doe tip is pretty standard. And again even for being a mini it’s a good size with a good amount of product.

Rated : 4.62/5 stars with 274 reviews on Influenster at this time.

I really enjoyed them, the formula and colour both I’ll definitely be using them again and again. I’d rate them a 5, I honestly didn’t have issues with anything and see no faults in these particular ones.