Kat Von D – Saint & Sinner Eau de Parfum Review – Got It Free!

Saint, Available at Sephora! & Sinner – Available at Sephora!

I wanna start off by disclosing that i  received these products for free / Complimentary for testing purposes from @KatVonD & @Influenster  #Free #complimentary

Okay now onto other business 

Saint Review 

I want to start off by saying, Saint was my favourite scent out of the two and I’ve worn it way more times than sinner since receiving my voxbox!. Normally I am not a fan of such rich floral sweet scented perfumes, but I absolutely LOVE this one! it smells amazing it’s not too hard on my head which I really enjoy, the packaging is ADORABLE and once again Kat has out done her self! I’m definitely a saint!.


Sinner Review 

So ”Sinner shares the same floral soul as Saint, with a bold, spicy twist.” Which is very accurate, you can smell the undertones of saint, with a more woody scent, it’s very rich, sultry, and empowering. Cool toned scent compared to Saint. It isn’t my favourite of the two, but depending on the day it’s still an incredible scent and adorable packaging!.


And now a few facts about the product, Sinner was avalible a few years ago, and fans have been begging for the past 7 years for Kat to bring it back, which she did (Hooray!). It’s the resurrection!.

I highly recommend both products, I enjoyed testing them and I’m super excited to continue using them, especially Saint!.






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