Lancôme – Monsieur Big Mascara Review – Got It Free!

Available at Sephora & Lancôme


I wanna start off by disclosing that i  received these products for free / Complimentary for testing purposes from Chick Advisor Lancôme  #Free #complimentary

Okay now onto other business 

Monsieur Big Mascara Review

First of all, It retails for $31 (CAD). You’re better off buying a $5 drug store mascara that does a better job! It’s formula is pretty runny, but it isn’t clumpy. Incredibly thick and heavy though that it weighs down lashes. The wand is way to large, it’s difficult to control and manoeuvre. It has a scent but it isn’t over powering, sort of chemically but sort of fresh scent almost. If they had a wand similar to benefits ”they’re real” or the ”roller lash” I feel as though I’d like it better since it would be easier to apply a good coating but not over apply, It’s more like a coating that makes your lashes darker and seperates them instead of giving volume or length. I’m disappointed and definitely wouldn’t pay $31 (CAD) for it when I’ve been spoiled by benefits. Likely won’t purchase it in the future, but going to try it with a different wand some day and will update on how that goes!.




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