Benefit Cosmetics – Roller Lash & Ka-BROW! Reviews – Got them Free!

Roller Lash Available at Sephora & Benefit Cosmetics
ka-BROW! Available at Sephora & Benefit Cosmetics

I wanna start off by disclosing that I received these products for free / Complimentary for testing purposes from Sephora  Benefit Cosmetics #Free #complimentary

Okay now onto other business 

Roller Lash Review 

Retails for $31 (CAD) It’s definitely a more natural mascara and I’ve been using benefits ”they’re real” mascara for a little over a year now daily, and I figured I’d bite the bullet and try the roller lash because I’ve heard such good reviews on it, and I’m TOTALLY glad I did! it’s so incredible.. It’s lifting, separates the lashes, isn’t clumpy, and unlike the ”they’re real” it didn’t flake off, it was a lot easier to remove than the other and stayed on nicely without smugging!
I just wish the wand was more like ”they’re real”’s because I found it hard to navigate with the curl but I’ll probably get used to that as time goes on!. And the packaging is SUPER cute!

ka-BROW Review

Retails for $32 (CAD) It’s a gel eyebrow colour, highly pigmented. Very similar to ABH brow pomade. I was a little timid to try this at first because I’m not super great with doing and defining my eyebrows with gels but I actually really liked using it. A little definitely goes a long way but it’s gorgeous and blends very nicely into my brows. It has ADORABLE packaging (let’s be honest though all benefit products have the cutest packaging) It’s texture is like a mix of gel and a marshmallow feel sort of like a putty. The shades it comes in are very natural and the brush is easy to use. The pot does dry out a little after a few uses but not unsimilar with gel products.


So all in all after using both products I’m very excited about them and will for sure be using them more in the future. I love Benefit cosmetics a lot so I’m glad I wasn’t let down, and I recommend them!.



Also just want to say I love hearing from you guys and hearing your feedback! So drop any comments/questions and I’ll be sure to respond! :)


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