Sephora Collection – Sunbleached Filter Palette Review

Available at Sephora

Sunbleached Filter Palette Review 

Retails for $36.00  (CAD)  $19.00 (CAD) 

So I’m like 50/50 on this palette, I LOVE the lighter shades there’s lots of pigment, not patchy, not chalky & very little fall out, BUT when it comes to the darker shades, well.. They’re kind of awful. They lack pigment (especially using a brush, better blending with your fingers) they’re patchy and separate, Slightly chalky and but still minimal fallout however there is more than with the lighter shades.. It kind of threw my for a loop because you expect the lighter shades to be like that, Not the darker ones so I was pretty surprised, But for 3 out of 7 shades to not work I’m pretty okay with that considering it was on sale and $19 for a palette that’s from Sephora that is pretty great.

I’ve been using the palette for the lighter shades and going in with Maybelline’s ”The Nudes Palette” since the deeper shaded colours have good pigmentation in it but the lighter shades are chalky and Patchy.

So honestly I’m really glad I purchased the product, I do really like the colours in it especially ”Sandy Toes”. I think they’re all really gorgeous shades, and I’ll probably continue trying to make the deeper shades work.

I also think the packaging is super adorable, it’s sturdy and sleek and I love the big mirror!



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