NYC – New York Color HD Trio Eye Shadow Palette – Streets Paved in Gold – Review

Available at Walmart

Streets Paved in Gold  Trio Eye Shadow Palette

Retails for $2/$3 (CAD)

I bought this a few months ago now, and I have to admit I really like it. it definately holds its own to some of my sephora brand stuff. I love the golden shades, the high light, crease etc. I think it’s a gorgeous trio but I might be slightly bias since I LOVE nude browns. I’d say it is more of a shimmer finish.

The formula is silky, soft, easily blendable.. Has slight fall out but it isn’t at all chalky. Very buttery infact.

Shimmery, luminous & sparkly. Not even a little matte but still gorgeous non the less.  Infused with green tea extract and vitamins A and E. Isn’t flaky. Has no scent.

The rating on is 4.5 with 2 reviews, but my review would be a solid 4.5 as well, I love the colours, the formula but the packaging is rather cheap and flimsy but it’s also understandable with a drug store product however the price point is fantastic, especially with the formula. NYC is one of my go to drug store brands, always trusted and never had any issues personally.



( I’d love to do more drug store brand reviews, what is your guys opinions? would you rather more affordable reviews? drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts!)


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