Marcelle Flawless Air Serum Foundation – Review

Available at & Walmart

Marcelle Flawless Air Serum Foundation

Retails for $18 (CAD)

So in my review of the NYX total control drop foundation, I mentioned a slightly cheaper/bigger optioned dupe!. When I went in to repurchase I asked the lady at the beauty counter if they had any left in stock of the shade I needed, and she said no and after looking around she mentioned this as a dupe for it, and from what I can tell she was correct!.

Basically to start off this has become my everyday foundation, I absolutely adore it.

It’s very similar to the NYX foundation except slightly more on the oily side (Likely due to the fact it has SPF) but it can be matte with powders. It blends nicely, it does oxidize a bit compared to the NYX but it’s very very little.

It’s price point was slightly better than NYX and it’s much easier to purchase as it’s available at most drug stores and walmart.

It’s probably medium to full coverage but it feels very light and weightless on the skin, which I like.. I love the coverage but hate feeling like someone just laid cement on my face.

It seems to work well with most primers, it doesn’t have a scent from what I’ve noticed anyways.

Now it’s much larger than the NYX, it was 13ML where this is 30ML for roughly the same price point. In my opinion it’s the better option.

This pigment-infused brightening serum foundation will protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays while giving you a natural, luminous complexion.

Ultra-light texture that glides onto skin for a bare-skin finish, Infused with antioxidants and vitamin E & SPF 15 which makes it a great summer foundation.

Now a downside seems to be the shade selection, I believe there is only 6 shades and they all seem to be on the lighter side but I think they’re working on adding more shade options (hopefully).

What it claims :

It says it is oil free but I found the texture more on the oily side. Paraben free, dermatologist tested, 100% perfume free & 12+ hour long lasting wear.


I can’t seem to find any reviews on it, but I’d rate it a 4.5/5. I like the size, the bottle the dropper, the price, the product and formula BUT I do find it oily which I don’t love, but it’s fixable for the most part.



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