Available at NYX Cosmetics & In Shoppers Drug Mart stores


Retails for $16 on NYX and I paid around $22 at Shoppers for mine.

So first off, the colour selection at my Shoppers lacked, but they were mostly sold out every time I’ve tried to repurchase But good news is I’ve found a pretty great dupe for this that’s cheaper, and I’ll be making a post about it soon so stay tuned for that.

I know online at NYX they have a larger selection that seems to compliment most skin tones, it’s a fairly large range for a drug store foundation.

What I loved most about this foundation is that it doesn’t oxidize! I’m pretty pale so most drug store brand foundations I have used I always end up looking slighty.. Like I’ve got a bad spray tan basically, and I also find their lightest shades aren’t that light!, so no matter what I’ve come out with the wrong shade of foundation for me and Looking like a distant relative to an orange. My second favourite thing about this foundation is that it is buildable, The third is the dropper.. It’s the first dropper foundation I’ve used and I got to admit I can’t see myself willingly going back to a regular everyday foundation without a dropper!, it’s cleaner, easier & even though it was slight trial and error with me getting it everywhere it’s a lot easier to apply.. I drop some on my face and than I get to beating!.

I know this foundation is basically a cult favourite and most people who are into makeup have tried OR heard of it, and now after a few months of use I can totally understand why.

So the day I bought my first bottle which like I said poor selection, I ended up getting a shade that was slightly too light for me, which was completely shocking like I still can’t believe it. My face I’ll never forget when I applied it, I looked in the mirror and I just kinda ”I look like a ghost”. Though it was easily fixable with some regular powder and bronzer/blush I looked less ghostly, I don’t tan well but I had been in the sun more often since it was around August when I first purchased and I may have had a slight tan compared to my normal winter pasty skin since it seems to work way better now in January.

Another great thing is it can be sheer or full coverage depending on which is your preference, It shows by the drops on the back how much to use but I just kinda go with it. Personally I like a more medium to full coverage mainly because I have scarring from an incident on my nose that I’m self conscious of and I’ve got freckles, No not the drawn on ones that have been a trend in the last few years but real since I was a kid freckles. Personally like my scars I’m self conscious about my freckles so the better I can cover them the better I feel and this foundation does a pretty great job.

The finish is like a velvety matte which the site says, and I completely agree. It isn’t dewy but more of a blurring soft semi matte finish, which can be fully matte when powder is on top (Personally I only like matte finishes on my face, I’m not a dewy kinda person!).

There is no scent with it.

I don’t know a whole lot about the brand other than I believe it was started in 1999, and that the brand was initially only available to professionals through trade shows. Now it’s available to the public online, and at shoppers I believe Ulta carries it but I’m not sure if ulta has Canadian stores or not, at least it doesn’t where I live but we also don’t have a Sephora (killer I know). I know it is a drug store brand given it’s availability but you can’t purchase it at Walmart at least in Canada from what I can find out. Please though if I’m wrong let me know!.

It’s definitely not as cheap as most drug store foundations but I’d say it’s wroth the higher price point given the product and formula, however the product you receive is insanely tiny, It’s only 13 ML and about the size of my finger to thumb it’s crazy tiny and I don’t know yet how much I’ve fully gotten over that Given the price, I mean I’d like to have it on hand personally for more important times but not my daily. However again I’d still purchase it.

I can’t find any ratings for it so far, but I would rate it about a 4.2/5. I love the formula, I love the finish, the packaging is sleek and the bottle is cute (matte glass). The dropper made me fall in love, but because it’s so tiny for the $20 price with not a lot of product compared to most foundations drugstore or high end, I just think it could be better.. Not enough to make me never want to repurchase, but still a little disappointing and something to keep in mind.



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