SEPHORA COLLECTION – Colorful Eyeshadow – Walking In The Sand

Available at Sephora

Colorful Eyeshadow 

COLOR: Walking In The Sand – Golden Beige Glitter

Retails for $13 (CAD) Currently on sale for $6 (CAD).

I have been using this little eye shadow pot for a year and a half now, and I use it in my everyday eye shadow look. I absolutely adore it, it’s glittery and nude and so so gorgeous.

It’s very shiny, it’s highly pigmented, it’s a golden beige colour that seems to have peachy undertones. It’s absolutely gorgeous applied. I use it as a base, transition, in the corners, brow bone etc.

There is usually a little fall out, but not a whole lot a regular brush tap should knock off the excess. I’ve been using the same pan for a year a half, I only just hit pan on one side the other day. (I was only using one side of the pan). And I’ve used it more times than I can count on both hands so it does go a long way.

The packaging is really nice, it’s solid. Not many packaging like that (like pressed powders) are as solid, they easily break the cover comes loose etc. But it’s been dropped, tossed around in my makeup back with other products for over a year and despite some obviously normal wear it’s in great shape and the pans never given me any issues after being dropped.

It’s easily blendable, it blends like butter. The formula reminds me a lot of colour pop shadows but a touch more on the powdery side compared to their more.. Wet? formula.

It has no scent.

It’s a large pan, it doesn’t crease. There’s 85 shades in the collection and a very wide range of colours. It’s all long lasting and a verity of finishes. (matte,glitter,shimmer)


-Apply a light- or medium-colored eye shadow allover the eyelid with an all over shadow brush
-Use a rounded crease brush to apply a darker shade to the outer corner of the eye.
-Blend the contours of the eyes with a clean brush to create a seamless look and avoid a line of demarcation.
-Apply your color dry for a natural look. Apply it wet for a sophisticated look.
-To make eyes look brighter and add depth, apply a touch of a light-colored, metallic, or shimmery shade just below the browbone as a finishing touch.
-Apply an eye shadow base or eyeliner of the same color before applying shadow for optimal wear. 

Apply with your favorite shadow brushes. Flat and firmer brushes will give the most color payoff. Fluffier brushes are great for blending. Use a small angled brush to line the eyes.

This product is not tested on animals, It is animal friendly!.

The rating on Sephora is  4.1/5 stars with 1853 reviews. I’d rate it a 5/5, I haven’t had any issues, it’s pigmentation is there, the size is perfect, the packaging is solid and cute, the price is great, little fall out & blends like butter. 



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