E.L.F. – Expert Liquid Liner – Jet Black – Review

Available at E.L.F. Cosmetics & Walmart

Expert Liquid Liner – Jet Black

Retails for $2.97 (CAD)

So first off, I haven’t used a liquid liner in years.. At least since jr high and I’m in my early 20’s now so a good  6/7 years.

I was surprised but how tiny the brush was, Usually they aren’t as fine tipped and thin. The formula is a little watery and runs a tiny bit but I noticed the more excess you wipe off the easier it is to maneuver, even if you have to dip in twice it’s a lot easier.

My biggest reason for wanting to switch back to liquid liner was because for the last 6 years I have been using a gel liner and I found it a bit harder to apply, the first month the packaging is open its super creamy and easy but as it gets down and dries it pulls way to much and it was just more difficult to apply so I figured a liquid wouldn’t drag and tug as much.

I was thinking about it for a few days and was at my local Walmart browsing the makeup isle and I seen the ELF Expert liquid liner and thought ”Hey may as well try it”

Elf is known for their great prices and high quality products and I feel that they did a great job with this, the packaging is pretty basic but feels well made, the applicator is nice and thin, I watched some videos on it and they said it was more matte then expected but I found mine to dry more on the shiny side, it didn’t stay wet and dries nicely but It is very shiny. I think it’s a great product for a great price point, my only issue is how watery it seems but that’s to be expected and after a few more uses I’ve gotten over the curve after religiously using gel in my everyday.

I’d say it’s a great everyday liner considering it’s easy to use, you do get quiet a bit of product, it’s regular black & the price point is fantastic (Under $3).

I think it’s great for people on a budget or people just getting into liquid liner and don’t want to pay extra for virtually the same product but I’m sure there is better out there, but again I really liked it, I think it’s fantastic.

It would make the great to go eyeliner, or if you’re in a rush and need to pick one up i’d recommend it.

Seems to last all day without smudging.

There is no scent.

The have 4 shades all together in the collection, not a huge range but good.

Rated – 3.0/5 stars on ELF with 336 reviews at this time & 3.90/5 stars on Influenster with 26,366 reviews at this time.

I would rate it a 4.6, I don’t see any faults other than it being slightly too runny for my liking, but it’s still workable.



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