E.L.F. – Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer – Review

Available at E.L.F. CosmeticsWalmart

Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer Review

Retails for $2.97 (CAD)

So I’ve used two of these and the formulas are different so I’ll review them separately and give general facts before hand.

So they are a great price, the product size is 3.25 ml, It’s not huge but a good size and decent amount of product. It has a regular doe tip applicator, it’s feels a tad softer though.

The packaging is pretty cute, it’s sleek and tapers at the end. It feels well made and I haven’t had any issues with it and they’ve been in my makeup bag for around 4 months now.

it’s a light weight formula, used to keep shadows from creasing, longer lasting & for a more vibrant and long lasting eye look. It dries fast, so once you apply some to the lid gently pat/dab it into the skin.

Elf is known for great quality at reasonable prices, a lot of their products are high end but priced for the drug store and it is a cult favourite brand.

There is no scent

Pearl :

So pearl is the white packaged one, it’s the first one I used and right off the bat I hated it.

The formula is very dry, it’s suppose to be a liquid but it’s more like overly wet chalk that’s shimmery on the skin, It doesn’t blend out well, it gave a bit more creasing and it’s very.. gritty, the shimmer in it is almost like it’s chunky glitter, it’s basically a chunky dry formula and it just isn’t what I wanted with my eye shadow primer.

It feels super drying, and tight when fully dry.

I was pretty disappointed in it and have only used it a hand full of times, I wouldn’t repurchase it again.

Sheer :

So Sheer is the more peachy packaged one, it’s the second one I used and again right off the bat I was shocked by how different the formula was, and I actually LOVE this one. I’ve been using it religiously since in my everyday prep.

It’s a gorgeous colour on, it’s pretty translucent when it dries but it gives a good peachy skin look, it seems a tad on the shimmery side but it isn’t that noticeable.

This formula is very creamy, lightweight feeling and blends out like a dream. It is quick drying but as long as you pat and dab quickly it’s great.

Unlike ‘Pearl’ it isn’t gritty, it isn’t dry and doesn’t leave my eyelids feeling dry.

It’s a lot better formula, and i’m a lot happier with this one!.

I’ll definitely be repurchasing

Rating :

It’s rated 3.9/5 stars with 278 reviews at this time on ELF

& Rated 4.31/5 stars with 12,714 reviews at this time on Influenster (It’s rated #6 in eyelid primers on their website)

Together I’d rate them a 5, Separately I would rate Pearl a 1.2 simply because I really didn’t like it, but I know some people would rather that formula personally I wouldn’t, but it’s great packaging, it’s a great price & I’m sure it would work in some way. I would rate Sheer a solid 4.5 because In my opinion it’s one of my favourite shadow primers, the packaging is cute, the price is fantastic and the formula knocked my socks off.




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