MARC JACOBS BEAUTY – Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner – Review

Available at Sephora

Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner

Retails for : $31 (CAD)
Colour : Blacquer 42 – black 
Finish : Satin 

It’s a nice eyeliner pencil, because it’s a gel it’s super creamy and easy to apply however the tip is pretty big and blunt, it’s great for a smokey look but if you like precise small lines than I would suggest using this.

I noticed a slight scent with it that smells a little more on the chemical side, it didn’t effect me or irritate my eyes but someone who is more sensitive may find it more irritating.

I liked the satin finish, it was more between a matte and satin though, but it is super pigmented.

I think the price is slightly outrageous because you can get an eyeliner just as good if not better for $5 at the drugstore that would likely have a smaller tip for a more accurate application. I feel like a lot of the price is more so for name rather than quality.

The formula is very creamy, but very thick and I didn’t like having it that thick on my water line, and I didn’t like it that much on my lid as much as i’d like a liquid or a gel pot, but for a more smokey look I did like it.

It does have good ratings and seems to be a favourite, which I can understand and I definately don’t hate it, but it is very similar to a crayon. Peoples biggest concerns from what I’ve read seems to be of it drying out, I’ve had mine for a few months now and it hasn’t dried out at all it’s still just as creamy.

It doesn’t seem to fully dry down so there was transfer for me, it moved around a bit which I didn’t like.

I feel like it isn’t really worth the price or the hype, it does have a few pros but for me the cons just out weigh it, I likely wouldn’t repurchase.

I’ve also seen a lot of reviews mentioning about allergic reactions, so again something to consider before buying if you have sensitivity.

Contains a built-in sharpener at its base.

– Parabens Free.
– Sulfates Free.
– Phthalates Free.

Marc Jacobs Beauty is a cruelty-free cosmetics brand.


4.3 / 5 stars with 3,423 reviews on Sephora at this time.

4.69 / 5 stars with 2,695 reviews on Influenster at this time.

I’d rate it a 2.5, packaging is nice and seems sturdy, and it’s creamy and hasn’t dried out on me, But I really just didn’t like it, the end is blunt and big and doesn’t hug my upper lash line the way I’d want, didn’t like the scent, didn’t like the smearing and it’s way to thick for lower lash line.



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