Avon – Mega Effects Mascara – Review

Mega Effects Mascara – With Keratin 

Designed to deliver 40% more mascara to the lash, Intense black pigment formula. 

Retails for $12 Ish (CAD)

I think it comes in two shades, black & blackest black.

This Mascara is absolutely fantastic in my opinion, It looks very intimidating and hard to use but it’s honestly the fastest and most easy to use mascara I have ever tried.

First off lets talk packaging, it’s the coolest wand, it’s wide and I can coat all my lashes in one go, which makes it faster but it’s super easy because it’s flexible and you can choose the degree you want. The outside is super cute with the red and the printing is nice. It’s also sturdy and well made.

The formula itself is awesome, it’s highly pigmented and very black, a little goes a long way it separates and coats lashes well and gives great volume. I loved how easy it was to do my bottom lashes and it was easier to control than a regular wand, surprisingly.

I was shocked by the difference of my lashes with this mascara compared to my natural lashes, it was a huge difference.

I’ve found I have been grabbing this more lately than my ride or die mascaras (Benefits roller lash & they’re real!). I honestly like it more than I loved them and I’ve been using them religiously for over a year now.

I really do like the formula, it didn’t clump and it didn’t flake, My eyes can be easily irritated by some mascaras due to the flaking so I was happy over that and I have had zero issues so far.

The wand again is intimidating but easy to use and made it super easy to get in close and go from root to tip, and applies an even coat so no clumping, it really lifted and curled my lashes.

Not everyone is going to like this because it’s a slight learning curve but it’s pretty easy to figure out and once you do it’s faster, easier & the formula is totally worth it.

It’s long lasting and seems water proof but when you’re removing it, it’s a lot easier to take off and there’s no tugging or raccoon eyes!.

The price is great & there is no scent.

I think it’s great and super fun, it’ll be a daily use for me. I’d definitely purchase it again and I’d rate it a 5/5, I have no issues!.

• Grip the product at sides and remove red cap
• Rock brush from side to side and remove
• Bend brush to desired degree, apply from root to tip
• Apply multiple coats to make your perfect look
• Make sure applicator is locked back in place

• 40% more mascara delivery for MEGA volume
• Specially designed brush gives full access to every lash
• Easy to apply
• Eyes look bigger
• Lashes look darker, denser, and more dramatic
• Provides all day, 24-hour volume
• Lashes will look phenomenal from dusk till dawn
• Sweat-proof and non-flaking
• Clump-proof
• Hypoallergenic



Author: beccarafusee

20, Canadian. Makeup, Animals, Football, Travel, Photography, beach lover Insta : RebeccaRafusee

2 thoughts on “Avon – Mega Effects Mascara – Review”

  1. I was just watching a Tati review on this one. It fascinates me but I’m pretty convinced I’d end up making a complete mess. I think you must have a very steady hand!


    1. That’s why I wanted to try it it! lol because I watched hers a few months back, My hand is steady sometimes but I shake a lot.. Honestly though, I make more of a mess with a regular wand! This is like.. a brush, like brushing your hair, it’s so easy to control because it’s bigger and can get all the lashes in one go, so i didn’t even hit my nose going to do my other eye lol


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