Maybelline – Facestudio – Master Contour V-Shape Duo Stick – Review, Got It Free!

Available at Maybelline

Master Contour V-Shape Duo Stick

Retails for $12.96 (CAD)


So this product was the first ever voxbox I got from Influenster, I was super excited receiving my first voxbox since I adore makeup so much.. Well that was short lived. I was so excited that I took it out and swatched it right away, at first it seemed to blend well, it seemed a little waxy but nothing I couldn’t handle.. So I got to work doing a full face to fully test it out, at first it was going great and than I applied it and it felt SO heavy, so waxy, it wouldn’t blend on my face at all. I have tried different foundations, primers etc and this just doesn’t want to work for me and even now swatching it on my hand it feels like a small candle it’s so waxy, and it clung to my pored and really accentuates them.

I quickly realized the ‘Easy 2 in 1’ Isn’t as easy as claimed, I’ve tried blending with brushes, my beauty blender even my fingers and it just seems to sit like mud and move and shift around and cake my foundation, I honestly don’t think I hate a makeup product as much as I hate this. The 2 in 1 seems like a great idea, I originally thought you would do one side than the other, nope.. I tried doing it like a marker and doing highlight and contour at the same time and nope didn’t work either.

It’s way to hard to control, the highlight side doesn’t have light enough shades for lighter skin tones.  The two colours mix on the stick if you aren’t careful, It’s not buildable, and the weird thing is it doesn’t blend, but as you blend more it seems to just disappear like there’s no happy medium.

I really loved the 2 in 1 concept but, I just couldn’t get it to work for me, I was so disappointed I can’t see myself ever buying it again.

I definitely do not recommend this product to anyone- save your money.

I’d rate it a 1, the packaging isn’t awful but the product is in my opinion.



Author: beccarafusee

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