e.l.f. – Makeup Mist & Set – Review

Makeup Mist & Set

Available at E.L.F. & Walmart – Retails for $4 (CAD)

I found the spray part was super powerful and sprayed way to much at once, but I do like the product.. I’m not a huge fan of setting my makeup with it, I found it left marks in my foundation with or without setting powder, but I like to spray my face before applying my normal primers and foundations. I really liked it for spraying my brushes when I’m using glittery/shimmery pigments, I found it really made glitter shadows pop (Like the colour pop palette I recently reviewed). It has a cooling effect with a slight cucumbery scent.

It helped when I extended my arm and sprayed as far away as possible it gave a nice dewy finish (I prefer matte but it isn’t bad for when I’m wanting a dewy finish). I’d advise wrapping your hair before hand, I didn’t like the texture of my hair when the spray got into it.

It was slightly tacky and took a bit longer to dry than I had expected when setting, but priming I really like it, it’s refreshing. The price is definitely great but the product isn’t Urban Decay setting spray quality. It didn’t make a difference in lasting power for my makeup, I’m sure there’s some better you’d get a longer last out of.

The packaging isn’t the cutest as far as setting sprays, but it’s sturdy and well made just a powerful spray. And it’s 60ML so there is a great amount of product.

However, I think it’s great for the price it’s fast, easy & cheaper to use and good to have on hand in my opinion.

I haven’t had any issues as far as sensitivity.

Rating: 3.99/5 stars with 10,619 reviews on Influenster at this time.

I would rate it a 3, it’s not what I want out of a setting spray but the spray is refreshing for before priming, and it’s good for spraying my eye brushes when using them to get a little more out of the pigments. I’d still recommend it because I’m sure everyone will have a different experience as far as what they’re looking for in a setting spray, and I don’t hate it I just personally didn’t like it for setting and the price is good. I’d repurchase it.



Author: beccarafusee

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