Instant Age Rewind Primer Skin Transformer.

Retails for $10 (CAD) – Available at Maybelline

I actually really liked this primer, I found it very similar to the smash box photo finish primer with that silicon, pore filling feeling, it’s very thick however it didn’t pill when moved around too much like the smash box primer did for me.

Due to it having silicone in leaves a nice smooth base for building foundation, but it’s kinda awful to put into your pores so I liked to put my regular facial moisturizer on before hand, and it’s quiet slippery in texture so I like to let it set for a few minutes before applying foundation so it dries down and doesn’t move.

I feel like it’s definitely worth the price, but I love more silicone based primers since they fill pores better and I have some scarring on my face I feel it helps to even out better than moisturizing primers, however it might not be best for someone who is prone to acne because it blocks pores.

I picked it up randomly because I needed a primer fast and my go to drugstore primer (an elf one) wasn’t available, and I spotted this and the price was higher than the ELF one but I decided to bite the bullet and purchase it since I didn’t feel like trying to find another one. I’m actually super glad I did because I’ve been using it since and it’s always in my everyday makeup bag.

I really liked that it didn’t feel greasy or oily which some silicone based primers will feel like, it also gave me a nice matte look which I prefer. It is very smooth and a little goes along way!.

It is a great size (25ml), the packaging is pretty regular, the pink is cute though and it’s well made. It’s been in my makeup bag for months now and I’ve never had issues with it.

There is no scent.

I’d recommend it if you like the smash box photo finish primer, I think it’s a good dupe.

I would rate it a 5/5, I really honestly love primer and I’ve never had issues or anything with it, it acts how I like and does what I need it too.

Rating : 4.08/5 stars with 574 reviews at this time on Influenster



Author: beccarafusee

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